Current Exhibits

Artistic Networks of the Centaur Press

A new Special Collections exhibition, Artistic Networks of the Centaur Press, is on display near the elevator on the third floor of Watzek Library.

Curated by Orion Whitcher (’24) and Juliana Wullenjohn (’24), this exhibition examines the Centaur Press, a small printing press active in San Francisco during the 1940s and 50s, which facilitated freedom of expression and the capacity for self-representation, particularly women and queer individuals. Drawing from the Kermit Sheets Collection, archival materials reveal the Press’s Oregon roots, prominent female authors, and its focus on sexual and queer themes.

Fortune & Glory - Narratives of Piracy, Exploration, & Criminality

Drawing from the diverse holdings of Lewis & Clark College's Special Collections, this exhibit considers cultures of European expansion from the 17th and 18th centuries to consider the confluence of criminality and exploration. Including a diverse array of material, from ships logs detailing British East India Company voyages, gallows letters from convicted pirates, litigation that led to a thriving privateering industry in colonial Manhattan, and a collection of maps promoting African exploration, this exhibit offers Portlanders an opportunity to explore some of the rarest material held at Watzek Library.

Curated by Professor David Campion of the Lewis & Clark History Department, Maddie Selby ('25) and Jenny Varner ('24).